Full Stack Developer

London, United Kingdom


Harness power of next billion sensors!

The sensor revolution is accelerating and we are in search of full-stack developers to work on revolutionary products that showcase terabytes of crowdsourced data collected from millions of contributors’ mobile sensors across the globe.

About OpenSignal:

OpenSignal is a London based start-up with the vision of harnessing the next billion sensors. Our mission is to become the global authority on wireless; our wifi and mobile signal crowdsourcing apps have been downloaded over 15 million times, our public reports reach a wide audience and our OpenSignal Insights are purchased by key players in the telco industry. You will work within cross-functional teams of 2 to 5 together with data scientists and mobile developers and have the opportunity to own and shape large chunks of the codebase.

You :)

You understand that shipping is more important than bikeshedding, but also that "it works on my machine (with some simple test data)" is not acceptable. You view software as a craft and strive to use the right abstraction and constructs.

Your role:

As an example: the map tile server and the javascript widget visible on opensignal.com, a tool to get better mobile connectivity in a hassle free way.

Our Stack & Workflow:

Our primary language in the backend is Python, we develop our APIs using Django REST Framework or Flask, we use Spark and Pandas in the pipeline.

Our frontend toolchain includes modern JavaScript (ES2015), React with Flux, as well as Sass with the Foundation framework. We use D3.js for data visualization.

Our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services and we use EC2 (with the Elastic Load Balancer), S3, and RDS extensively. We use Vagrant and Ansible for virtualization and automation, Jenkins for continuous integration and deployment.

We enforce systematic peer reviews using pull requests and a release-based git branching model.





Our promise:

As well as a competitive salary (£45-60K based on level of experience) and stock options to share our growth:

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